IPE Decking Restoration Service

IPE wood decking boards can last up to 75 years on your patio but can also lose its luster and shine over the years without a bit of regular maintenance and they require the most skill level to clean, restore and refinish. 

However, it is possible to restore it to its former glory and protect it for years to come.

We offer full IPE decking restoration & maintenance services with over 15 years  of experience in revitalizing teak furniture, wood decking, gazebos and other exterior wood structures.

We clean and restore exterior IPE wood decking through the best cleaning techniques and skilled old world restorative processes. 

Ipe Wood Restoration, Cleaning & Oiling

What to Expect When You Hire Our IPE Decking Restoration Services

Weatheared IPE Decking Restoration

For weathered Ipe that has had the correct oil but just weathered to a gray patina – We don’t just powerwash the wood, we use special chemicals to get the wood super clean removing graying, weathered oils, as well as surface dirt, mildew, pollen from all Ipe surfaces. We follow-up with a wood brightener which brings back the rich Ipe grain and reddish brown Ipe color. We finish off the restoration by checking whether the Ipe needs sanding, if sanding is necessary we will thoroughly sand and applying the correct Ipe oil (brand, and color will be discussed in person – whichever is best suited to your decks orientation, exposure)

decking restoration

 Previously Stained or Failed IPE Decking Restoration

Ipe decking that was done incorrectly or previously stained needs to have the finish removed and stripped.
Our process first involves stripping the incorrect or old product off the ipe. Once that is complete, we thoroughly brighten, and neutralize all the Ipe decking surfaces. This step is key to visualize that all of the previous coating has been removed. The decking will be allowed to dry thoroughly. Once dry, decking will be sanded down- this gives us a brand-new canvas to enrich the deck with vibrant color and to enhance finish adhesion. Our final step is to put a oil coating on the deck that brings out the wood’s natural color and dry matte.

How To Maintain IPE wood Decking 


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The best way to keep your decking looking great all year round is by periodic cleaning to remove dirt and surface contaminants. A regular maintenance timeframe of ten to twelve months can be used to get a general sense of frequency. However as exposure to elements, weathering and wood type may vary, maintenance might be needed sooner and should be performed when visually necessary regardless of timeframe. Wood decks are large horizontal surfaces that accept massive amounts of UV, contaminants, and foot traffic. This is why horizontal surfaces need maintenance more often to keep them protected and looking their best.

Maintenance begins with cleaning the surface to remove contaminants that have settled in the grain. Light spot sanding may be needed to remove severe weathering, stains, or scratches. Wood brightener will be applied to promote natural color and eliminate and prevent mold and algae. The same coating will be applied to enhance and protect the wood. We can complete most ipe decking maintenance in one day- weather dependent.