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At Platinum Power Clean, our decking cleaning service and deck staining professionals can make your decking look like new again. We know that preventing decking surface decay and structural problems requires regular maintenance, including staining and sealing of all decking surfaces with professional-grade coatings.

Because our company is equipped with commercial grade power washers, our deck cleaning service can handle any deck situation! Whether your deck has never been stained or has an old oil based stain that needs to be removed before hand, our deck staining professionals can get the job done quickly. You'll be impressed at the results our deck cleaning and deck staining services have on your home's outdoor deck.

Why Hire Us for Your Decking Cleaning & Maintenance

Platinum Power Clean is your reliable and professional and fully insured London power washing and decking cleaning service with over 10 years of experience and a growing base of satisfied customers as a testimonial to our quality work. Call our decking cleaning in London team today to schedule service. We offer 24 Hour Customer Service and can provide you with a FREE accurate estimate for the cost of your deck staining project on the spot so you don't encounter any surprises later. We can provide detailed project completion schedule for you as well, so you know exactly what to expect from our decking cleaning & decking staining professionals.

Our Steps to Clean, Restore and Protect Your Deck

To keep your treasured outdoor decking safe, sound and looking like new, the specialists at Platinum Power Clean recommend a regular deck maintenance program that includes the following procedures:

  • Gentle pressure cleaning of all wood surfaces with environmentally safe, professional cleaning solutions to remove harmful contaminants including dirt, grease, algae, and mold and mildew. The walls and surroundings of your deck will also benefit from cleaning and treatment.

  • To remove old worn out stain or oil from your deck, we use an exterior industrial wood stripper. This is a stain and sealer stripper that works best on oil based and water based finishes.

  • Proper surface preparation is essential before resealing and staining your deck. Depending on the kind of wood surface, sanding may be required. We also offer repair of deck boards, railings, stairs, and benches to remove failing stains and sealers that are chipping off and no longer protecting your deck. Allow deck to completely dry.

  • Careful application of professional quality stains and sealers that offer superior color, conditioning, and protective properties. While premium stains may cost a little more up front, they can save you money down the road by providing added protection against fading and flaking, moisture and mildew damage, and continuous exposure to harmful UV rays.


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