Balcony Cleaning Service in London

We offer professional balcony cleaning in London. We clean and restore not just balcony decking but most balcony surfaces. We know how important your balcony is to your apartment, and are experienced on how best to get your balcony looking its best. 

We can remove dirt, moss and green stains off your balcony and have it looking new again.

Call us today to schedule your balcony cleaning in London, and we’ll be looking forward to assisting you

We offer 24 Hour Response and can provide you with a FREE accurate estimate for the cost of your balcony cleaning so you don't encounter any surprises later. 

Simply send over photos or measurement of the balcony and we will get back to you with a quote. 

We also work with block managers and housing association for block balcony cleaning. We can also prepare a detailed project completion schedule for you as well, so you know exactly what to expect from our decking cleaning and balcony cleaning service.

Got A Wood Decking Balcony?

Wood decking can easily be damaged by weather and the elements, which they’re always exposed to. Our professionals recommend that you have your balcony decking not only cleaned but oiled as well to provide maximum protection. Oiling your balcony decking ensures that it’s not damaged by weather and the elements. 

Our professionals are able to ensure that your balcony decking is thoroughly cleaned and also make sure that your deck has all of the protection that it needs

For a FREE Quotation or further information about our services, please Call 07466527425 or complete our ONLINE ENQUIRY FORM.

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