Platinum Power Clean offer a professional cladding cleaning service in London & the South East on a contract or one off basis to clients. With huge experience in the cladding cleaning, we know how to remove the toughest stains safely and quickly from different types of cladding. We use professional grade environmentally friendly products and systems to keep your buildings cladding and facade looking clean. 


We clean cladded buildings and facades high and low level, the approach we take towards our work involves thoughtfully planning of works this means we can clean efficiently and get the job done on time as planned ensuring our customers can return back to business as normal with little or no disruption caused.

Sometimes pressure washing may be required – but not always.  Where appropriate we use industry leading pressure washing equipment to clean and remove soiling, dirt and algae growth.

Where pressure washing is not suitable we use a water fed pole system to soften, agitate then rinse off all dirt from the cladded façade.

In the case of powder coated aluminium the surface may have oxidised over years of UV damage and other soiling, in some situations we will be able to restore the cladding to its original condition by the application of restorative coating which will restore and protect the surface for years to come.

It is sometimes necessary to apply a biocide to the surface to kill any live growth.  This is a process that requires very specific expertise to ensure the right concentration of the right chemical is applied to guarantee maximum cleaning impact with zero ecological impact.  Platinum Power Clean are also specialists in biocide treatment.

We use up-to-date cleaning equipment, materials and techniques in order to ensure your cladding is washed and cleaned safely and without causing structural damage to your commercial property.

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