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Platinum Power Clean 

gutter cleaning services

Platinum Power Clean Gutter Cleaning provides professional and affordable gutter cleaning in London with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 


Not cleaning your gutters can lead to a debris back up and cause roof damage which can be costly to repair. Our gutter cleaning service will clean out the gutters of all debris and flush the down pipes clean to help prevent this from happening.

We use the safest, no mess vacuum technology

For our Gutter Cleaning Services we use cutting edge commercial vacuum gutter cleaning technology that cuts down drastically on mess and massively increases the quality of our results.

Our commercial grade vacuum technology gets deep down into your roof guttering downpipes too, making sure you get a complete roof gutter cleaning service with no blockages to worry about.

Instant Quote and Easy Booking 

Don’t wait around for a quote, we can provide you with a gutter cleaning quote and set an appointment time super fast during business hours.

Simply call 07466527425, or send over photos of property via WhatsApp 07466527425.

Before and After Photos provided

All of our gutter cleaning service include before and after pictures of the work we have completed, along with pictures of any other issues we find and suggestions on how those issues may be rectified.  You won’t have to take our word for it, because we’ll provide before and after photos of the job offering you piece of mind.

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We offer a safe, affordable and reliable solution to deliver superior gutter cleaning results.  Call us today on 07466527425  or request a call back here.  

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