Driveway & Patio Cleaning

If you have ever wondered how Platinum Power Clean get concrete surfaces looking so good .... here is how we do it. Firstly, every surface is different and the cleaning method is adjusted to suit. Plain concrete may be cleaned slightly differently to coloured concrete, natural stones, block paving or tarmac. Surfaces with dirt, oil stains, moss, mould and algae all get a specialist cleaning process for the best outcome. Platinum Power Clean have pressure cleaning equipment and a range of cleaning agents and treatments to optimise the cleaning outcome for all these situations- Driveway cleaning, Patio cleaning, pressure cleaning, brick cleaning. PRESSURE CLEANING We use very powerful equipment which is enables efficient cleaning. If we have applied stain removal treatments we will probably use a turbo nozzle to strip those areas back first. Then the entire area is cleaned with a rotary-jet flat surface cleaner - it is slowly moved over the the surface, much like a lawn mower over lawn. Once done, a lance is used for a final wash of the area. MOSS, MOULD AND ALGAE REMOVAL The most commonly found problem is that concrete surfaces are not cleaned on a regular basis resulting in a build up of dark winter grime, mould, mildew, and algae stains with some oil staining also commonly found. When mould and algae affected areas become wet they can get slippery and become hazardous. While the pressure or steam cleaning removes many of these organic contaminants, the results can be far from perfect. Which is why at Platinum Power Clean we apply a mould removal treatment to any areas that may still need it. The results are simply excellent. Don't let an unclean driveway detract from the curb appeal of your home. Call the professionals- Platinum Power Clean.