Decking Maintenance. Professional Decking Cleaning & Maintenance Service in London.

An important thing to remember is that every decking is different. Not only does the design of the decking and the way it’s put together affect the long term health, but there are also differences in the species of lumber used to build decks.

The environment surrounding your decking also plays a massive roll in what battles it will fight during it’s lifetime. For example; decks that are shaded by trees and/or are build on the north side of a building will have more of a propensity to rot from fungus! Likewise, decks that are exposed to direct sunlight (often southerly facing) will suffer from extreme surface temps, UV damage splitting and warping.

These differences are very important to understand and asses when creating a plan for maintaining or rejuvenating your wood decking.

Stains, sealers, and coatings Stains, deck sealers, and coatings are vastly misunderstood. Most companies would lead you to believe that you need to “Seal” the wood, when in reality, this is not true. Sealing wood can actually lead to MORE problems, than benefits. Additionally, products that “Seal” wood are no more than coatings that will wear off, looking ugly as they chip and flake away. These coatings do nothing to rejuvenate and pre