Teak Garden Furniture Restoration Services

Are you wondering how to restore your garden furniture? As teak wood garden furniture ages, it tends to take on a distinctive grey hue loosing its original color and sheen of teak wood. Teak garden furniture restoration makes it possible revive this color naturally and without compromising the integrity of the teak wood in any way.

Platinum Power Clean specializes in the restoration of teak wood garden furniture. The garden furniture restoration includes cleaning and scrubbing your garden furniture to bring the teak back to its original colour. Once it is dry, we will then sand the teak back to its natural texture. Depending on the condition of the furniture it may require multiple levels of sanding. Also as part of the teak wood garden furniture restoration process, teak oil is applied in thin, even layers, with dry time allowed between each coat. Oil is continuously applied until the wood stops absorbing it, ensuring that it is fully moisturized. As a result, your teak furniture will now have taken on a deep, rich color of amber or honey, and will have a lustrous glow. Once the furniture has dried completely, we then hand cloth buff each piece to maximize the luster and sheen.