How Much Does Balcony Cleaning Services Cost?

Are you perhaps thinking, how much to clean my balcony?

Platinum Power Clean aims to provide you, the customer with balcony cleaning services that is professional and good value for money. We provide very reasonable balcony cleaning prices in London. Platinum Power Clean has a minimum price for balcony cleaning of £85. Congestion charge and parking fees may apply.

Most balcony cleaning costs about £120 on average. While balcony cleaning prices in London range between £85 and £180. Your total costs depend on the size of the balcony, surface type and the amount of cleaning needed. Certain cleaning add-ons like glass doors, windows and balustrade & cladding may cost extra.

Our balcony cleaning company carries out periodical quality control checks so as to maintain a high quality service to our clients at all times.

For more information on how much does balcony cleaning costs, please call us on 07466527425 or Simply send over photos of the balcony to us via email or WhatsApp and we will get back to you with a quote.